Oil-Based Paints Also Tend To Become Yellowish And Cracked Over Time.

House paints based on vegetable oils may seem an ecological option, but they often contain more VOC particles than other options. Vegetable oils are usually flaxseed oil, which can be harmful or deadly if swallowed.

Milk paints also called casein paints for the milk protein from which they are derived, are generally purchased in powder form. Then they are mixed in batches large enough to be used immediately because they can be sour if they are left in their wet state for too long. Designed for indoor use only, milk paints are sought after for their environmental benefits.

The finish

One aspect to take into account when choosing the paint for houses is the finish. The finish of a painting refers to how much light will reflect the surface once it is dry. In general, the brighter the finish, the easier it will be to clean it.

However, some recent improvements in manufacturing have resulted in many dark / matte and low gloss paints that are easier to clean than the brighter options. The basic painting finishes, starting with those that do not shine until those with a high level of brightness, are opaque or matt, semi-matte, satin, semi-glossy and glossy.