Code of Conduct

We Are Change – Connecticut Constitution

We Are Change – Connecticut (WRC-CT) is a peaceful organization that does not discriminate in any way. We are tolerant of all regardless of racial, religious, ethnic, gender, or sexual orientation. We denounce any individual or group that would speak in our name and that would not adhere to these precepts.

We Are Change – Connecticut recognizes all members have inalienable rights as sovereign individuals written in the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights and that such rights shall be honored at all times.

We Are Change – Connecticut is a bottom to top organization where all members shall be treated as equals. All members will treat each other with respect at all times. Disagreements should be resolved in a peaceful and mature fashion.  We will not always agree but we will respect each other’s opinions.

Article 01: Code of Conduct

 1.      No provocation of violence will be tolerated under any circumstances. Any violent action (other than self defense) at a WRC-CT event or meeting will be evaluated on a case by case basis by the group, and the person(s) involved will be in danger of expulsion from the group.

2.      Racial, sexual, gender, religious, or age discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.

3.      No person(s) shall use language to intentionally incite others to violent action.

4.      No person(s) shall destroy the property of others: tangible or intangible, public or private.

5.      If anyone is suspected of engaging in counter intelligence or provocateuring (Cointel Pro), they may be subject to surveillance, and may also be asked to leave the meeting / event / street action.

6.      Derogatory comments directed at law enforcement or public servants will not be tolerated.

7.      Footage shot with cameras owned by WRC-CT will have shared copyright with We Are Change – CT, the individual(s) who operated the camera, and the individual(s) who appear in the footage.

8.      All members will take responsibility for their own actions and accept the consequences of their actions.

9.      We Are Change – CT does not condone the use of the name without consent of the group.

10.    Any person(s) who violate the code of conduct may be expelled from the organization by a majority vote of the group.

Article 02: Officers and Responsibilities

1.      Treasurer:

  • Keep accurate records of the money raised and expenses.
  • Give a monthly accounting to the group of the income and expenses.
  • Total transparency to whoever may request with reasonable notice to see the financial records of the chapter in person only. No copies, paper or digital, will be distributed.
  • Establish an operations budget with group.
  • Treasurer will count monies taken in at events with the acting secretary, and at least one other person.

2.      Secretary:

  • Take attendance and minutes at all meetings.
  • Organization of paperwork and records.
  • Maintain paper and email list.
  • Provide complete transparency of the group’s records.

3.      Moderator:

  • Moderate and maintain order during meetings.

4.      Outreach Director:

  • Introduce themselves to new people and introduce new people to the group, make them feel welcome.
  • Update and maintain Meetup website, respond to messages, greeting new members.
  • Promote upcoming events.
  • Manage event tabling and vending.
  • Absentee balloting.

5.      Fundraising Co-coordinator:

  • Working with the group to organize fundraising efforts.
  • Organize food & coat drives, First Responders or Victim family’s fundraisers, etc.

6.      General Officer Rules:

  • If you cannot attend a meeting, please assign your responsibilities to another person.
  • At any time, any member of WRC-CT can propose to impeach any officer, and it will be put to a vote.
  • No term limits on officers.
  • Term duration: 6 Months

Article 03: Meeting Protocol

Weekly & Monthly Meetings:

1.      Weekly meetings should be held to discuss and debate any issue pertaining to the group as well as projects and upcoming events.

2.      Only cordial and polite debate about topics shall be discussed and all members will refrain from using profanity to ensure civil discussion is engaged at We Are Change – Connecticut meetings, events, and street actions.

3.      Any person(s) intoxicated or disrupting can be asked to leave the meeting if a majority vote of the group agrees.

4.      Statements shall be presented monthly detailing group expenses and money accrued.

5.      If a member of the public, who is not a regular member of WRC-CT, requests the group’s financial records, it will be put to a group-vote whether or not to disclose financial documents.

6.      Active members who cannot attend meetings will be given the opportunity to cast an absentee ballot, which must be recorded on paper. Any vote which remains questionable may be considered for recount and evaluated on a case by case basis.

7.      All WRC-CT officers automatically receive an absentee ballot.