Waterbury Anti Sharia Law Protest

On June 10 2017 Act for America http://www.actforamerica.org/ held a protest for Anti Sharia Law at City Hall on Grands st. To inform others about the harmful human rights problems with Sharia Law. And Muslims groups like Council on America-Islamic Relations and Black Lives Matter groups showed up to oppose the Anti Sharia Law. ACT for America started with our country’s song and Pledge and the other side did not. ACT for America’s concern was having Sharia law becoming the main law of the land over the US Constitution. The other side just talked about KKK hate and only addressed Sharia Law by just saying the Female genital mutilation was not a common practice and woman are not suppressed. Some of the city elected officials showed up in support of Sharia Law like Paul Pernerewski, Jr, Ronald A. Napoli, Jr and Geraldo Reyes Jr and refused to speak with ACT for America to hear there concerns. I tried to get the views from both side and the only ones that gave me a hard time was from the Muslims protest and I was being trolled by some man with a hat on that you will see in the video. So I hope you all educate yourself on Sharia Law and get involved and Be The Change You Want To See In The World………

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