CNN Censors Journalists from Filming in #Ferguson

Jeff Durkin with We Are Change CT along with Indie Journalists James Woods, Shay Horse & Tim Eastman were on the ground in Ferguson from August 19th-22nd. During that time photo journalists Shay & Tim were taking photos near the media tent where CNN was, they were both harrassed and threatened with arrest for taking photos by who we later found out was an undercover Cop working as a security guard near CNN’s media tent.

As we later found out CNN was coordinating with local police in Ferguson to target specific journalists who didn’t have proper credentials. So later on we all decided to go back to the media tent and film the undercover Cop and the CNN Worker who ended up flashing light’s into our camera’s preventing us from filming and photographing him, but Tim managed to get a photo of him before we were told to leave.

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