A Better Way Foundation CT vs The War on Drugs & Mass Incarceration

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A Better Way Foundation CT is a non-profit organization working towards ending the War on Drugs and decreasing the growing prison population. Steve from We Are Change CT met with LaResse Harvey to discuss CT SB.259, which seeks to decrease the radius of a Drug Free School Zone from 1,500 feet down to 200 feet. They also discuss LaReese’s background, mass incarceration, the Good Samaritan 911 law, and other laws in which LaResse has helped enact in Connecticut to nullify the erroneous War on Drugs.

Read more on CT SB.259 here: http://www.cga.ct.gov/2014/TOB/s/pdf/2014SB-00259-R00-SB.pdf

Video/Edit/Interview: Steve Boutelle

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