Connecticut Carry President Rich Burgess – CT Either Enforce the Law or Repeal it

On March 3rd 2014 the pro-gun group CT Carry issued a press release to the state of Connecticut to either enforce their draconian anti-gun laws, or repeal them entirely. Steven Boutelle from WeAreChangeCT contacted the President of CT Carry, Rich Burgess, and met him in front of the Courthouse in Middletown CT to ask him to speak about their recent “shit or get off the pot” press release.

Since the passage of the new laws an unknown but estimated number of CT residents (50,000 – 350,000) chose to not register their weapons as an blatant act of civil disobedience in spite of being now legally labeled as felons. The state of Connecticut has not yet taken an direct action (besides issuing letters to the known offenders of the new law explaining to them that they’re in violation and to sell, destroy or disable their “illegal” weapons and 30 round cartridges) as of door-to-door arrests or weapon confiscations. Hopefully CT will repeal the law due to the sheer large numbers or residents who have failed to comply with the new gun laws.

To read the full press release issued by CT Carry go here:

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Footage/Edit: Steve Boutelle

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