From Prescriptions to Pot; A Case for Cannabis Curing Oxycontin Addiction

During We Are Change CT’s visit to Maine, Steven Boutelle met with Glenn Peterson, owner/CEO of Canuvo Medical Marijuana Dispensary, as well as Rachel Gerlach who is one of Glenn’s certified card carrying patients.

Glenn describes how medicinal cannabis can effectively be used for the treatment of addiction to toxic prescription drugs while Rachel explains her story and how she was able to detox off Oxycontin (and other painkillers) along with the life-altering changes with her physical and mental health which have occurred since beginning her regimen only a few months ago.

Glenn additionally explains why he would selflessly risk his freedom via a federal conviction to help those in his community by opening and running a medical marijuana dispensary.

They both also discuss the objective aspects based on the results from this alternative therapy as well as the subjective prejudices and objections, such as substituting one drug addiction for another, which surround this controversial issue.

Be sure to check out Canuvo Medical Marijuana Dispensary:

Footage & Edit: Steve Boutelle
Additional Footage: Jeff Durkin

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