Elizabeth Esty – Water Fluoridation & Medicinal Cannabis

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-AeRRKZ_xY[/embedyt]Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty recently held “Congress on Your Corner” at the IGA supermarket in Watertown Connecticut. We Are Change CT’s Jim Russell and Steve Boutelle asked her about repealing the mandatory fluoridation of Connecticut’s public water supply as well as how to protect patients who receive medically prescribed Cannabis from persecution by the Federal Government.

As you can see by the video she was very uneasy with our questions (and our cameras), and tried to dodge our queries by passing us off to her personal assistant Jody.

If you also take notice from watching the video we had arrived 1 hour after the event started, there were absolutely no police present, and within 15 minutes (after Jeff’s arrival) the police appeared and stood watch. We were also questioned three times about our reason for recording the event.

Footage & Edit: Steve Boutelle
Additional Footage: Jeff Durkin

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