The Occupy Bus Tour

During the ReOccupation of New haven CT, WeAreChangeCT had the pleasure of meeting Stacey and Ed from The Occupy Bus Tour, and they were so kind to show us the amazing amenities of the Occupy Bus, aka Godzilla.

First-off, the bus has solar panels mounted to the roof which delivers power to the the inside of the bus and through the power inverter, as well as charges the six batteries inside. The batteries can then be used to charge any electrical devices via the AC power outlets, as well as run the interior lights, the toaster and hotplate. Godzilla runs off of a vegetable oil waste conversion and can also use it’s original diesel fuel ignition system. There are also two beds that open up and reveal a storage case inside the bed frame which reveals the books and pamphlets that consist of their information center and small library. The front of the bus holds the mounted steel rack which can support bikes, gasoline canisters, water-hose, and anything else that would fit into the confines of the metal ledge.

The Occupy Bus is a shining example of Ingenuity, a dream born into a living breathing being, a massive monument of the missive of Occupy Wall Street. Truly this is living outside the system, a construction of self-reliance and a mobile lesson in sustainability.

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