NATA NYC – Feeding the Homeless Street Action

WeAreChangeCT had the opportunity to accompany Craig Fitzgerald & NATA NYC during their Feeding the Homeless Street Action. We all met up in Union Square (where we had the most bizarre encounter with a very irate man claiming he was homeless but also refused any handouts ) and from here we embarked on the journey of passing out food, toiletries, anarchist literature as well as words of encouragement to those left struggling on the streets.

Craig and company donated their goods to people of all colors, creeds, religions and walks of life. They did not discriminate against anyone who sought out their charity and goodwill and also there were no disputes or arguments regarding the fliers handed out as being racist or anti-Semitic.

So please, do your research before demonizing a person or group from a slanderous web post based and referenced from statements taken out of context.

Footage & Edit: Steve Boutelle

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