WeAreChangeCT Films Odd Confrontation

WeAreChangeCT went to NYC to cover a story regarding an activist group handing out food and toiletries to the homeless. While gathered in Union Square, an unruly man claiming he was homeless confronted their group while they were handing out food.

Ever since we witnessed this event, we felt that something didn’t make sense. And the more we watched the video, the more questions arose.

The 3 elements that stuck out the most are:
1. He wanted them to reveal their faces.
2. He wanted them to identify their “ringleader”.
3. He wanted them to throw the first punch.

He was acting crazy, stereotypical drunk, and he did put a brown paper bag to his mouth once on camera, but refuses to drink from the straw from his acquaintance after he arrives.

If this man was truly unruly, high/drunk or just plain certifiably crazy, then he would have swung first, especially the way he was arguing and trying his damnedest to instigate a fight.

Something about the man on this video doesn’t seem to make sense and leaves those who view it questioning who he really was. In the video this man claims that he is homeless but is extremely clean cut and dressed pretty nicely. He is very adamant about seeing everyone’s face while trying to single out a “ringleader”.

There is truly no proof as to what his agenda and true identity is, but you can watch this video for yourself and form your own opinion on the matter.

Cinematography: Jeff Durkin & Steven Boutelle
Edit: Steven Boutelle

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