DC Drone Protest, Activism & Uniting

WeAreChangeCT covered the Answer Coalition Drone Protest in Washington DC on (April 13, 2013) and had the opportunity to speak with people from all walks of life about their opinions on the use of Drones as a new and sterile style of warfare while few, if any, are held accountable at all.

We spoke with a very outspoken and passionate Abraham S. Douglas (US/African Citizen), Ann Wright (Retired US Army Col & former US Diplomat), Rev. Graylan Hagler, (Senior Minister, Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ), Brian Becker (National Coordinator, ANSWER Coalition), Akbar Muhammad, International Representative of the Nation of Islam, and Eugene Puryear (Organizer, ANSWER Coalition).

The narrative then switches from that of Drone Warfare to organizing into like minded groups, building upon this in order to reach set goals while avoiding the petty bickering over semantics, as well as how real grass-roots change resonates from the bottom up.

Thanks to everyone down in DC, for all who spoke to us on camera, and also for Abraham who crushed my hand while shaking it. :).

Interview/Edit: Steven Boutelle
Footage: Jeff Durkin

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