Answer Coalition DC Drone Protest: Permits & Police Harassment

During the Answer Coalition DC Drone Protest, the (DC) United States Park Police started harassing National Coordinator of the ANSWER Coalition, Brian Becker, about the permits for the (legal) protest he coordinated. The police claimed that the permits stated, or even stated to him by some sort of unrecorded verbal agreement (lies),that every item brought into the park had to be “swept”, especially their mock protest drone.

Brian stuck to his guns and didn’t back down, at first even unwilling to physically let go of his permits to the officer(s) when they wanted to “go over them”. They called for back-up and a few more Park Police officers, a Park Ranger, and even a SWAT officer appeared. The police then started to harass members of media because of their camera tripods, stating that they couldn’t use a tripod in the park.

Everyone didn’t back down and eventually the Park Police had to let the protest continue by un-roping the sidewalks and letting the protest spill into the street in front of the White House.

Cinematography: Jeff Durkin & Steven Boutelle
Edit: Steven Boutelle

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