Security Freaks Out Over Camera’s, Backpacks, and a Laptop

We Are Change CT had an interesting experience with NY Met Museum Security first it was about filming inside, next the rules on backpacks that you cannot wear on your back. The last part was they noticed a Laptop in my bag and had to get a permit for a Laptop I wouldn’t even use.

We later moved to Rockefeller Center with an interesting Entrance/Exit policy.
(Again this is not to make fun of the security workers just to point out the absurd orders that they are following). (Apologies for pointing at the ground the Audio worked fine, we had to convince security that the camcorder couldn’t take video & only still pictures.)

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We're a group of homegrown journalists, activists and artists dedicated to smashing through the illusion which has been craftily constructed around our society. ~We Are Change Connecticut.

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